University councils and committees

1. University Council:

University Council represents the highest authority in the university and consists of Chairman of the Board, appointed by the University Patron, University Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal. The council membership also comprises of Secretary of Scientific Affairs and Dean of Libraries and Dean of Students' Affairs, three staff two of them from outside the staff members, representatives of the students' union, eight faculty members three of whom are the deans of the faculties. The council includes members from outside the university's 21 appointed by the Patron of the university to be with efficiency, specialty, and interest in national issues. The council strives to achieve the university objectives contained in the law and the law of higher education and scientific research; supervise the development of plans and development budgets of the university and determine the number of students admitted to the specialization; and preservation of the property of the university.

2. University Senate:

The University Senate submits propositions to the University Council on the status of the conditions and regulations for scientific qualifications required to accept students and regularizes the status of the examination programs and the awarding of academic degrees and honorary degrees.

The Vice-Chancellor is the Chairperson of the Senate, whereas the Secretary for Scientific Affairs is the rapporteur of the Senate.

Members of the Senate:

  1. Vice-Chancellor
  2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  3. Principal
  4. Deans of Colleges and Dean of Students' Affairs
  5. Directors of Centres.
  6. Heads of Departments
  7. Secretaries of Secretariats.
  8. Members representing Students' Union.

3. Committee of Executive and Financial Affairs:

The committee's job is to prepare proposals on the annual budget of the university and submit them to the University Council. This Committee is chaired by the University Council Chairman. Members of the committee are the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Principal as a member and a rapporteur, Chief Financial Officer, and nine Council members, four of them from within the university and five from outside.

4. Deans Council:

Deans Council is headed by the Vice-Chancellor. The rapporteur of  the council is Executive Office of Vice-Chancellor. Deans Council is representing as a consulting body for the Vice-Chancellor. It is aimed to discuss all academic, administrative and financial issues and submit his proposals and recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor, who, in turn, submit them to the University Senate for approval.

5. Other Councils:

There is a number of other councils within the university, including Principal Council, the Council of Scientific Affairs, Council of the Deanship of Students' Affairs, as well as Council of Faculties, and research and academic centers.