Deputy VC

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Pursuant to the provisions of Article No. (17) (Deputy Vice-Chancellor) of Al-Neelain University Law of 1995 and the Statute No. (2) (Higher Administration of the University) of 2018, Dr. Khalid Abdalrahman Elsayed was appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Al-Neelain University by the Patron of the University His Excellency the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research after consulting the Vice-Chancellor and in accordance with the conditions of civil service specified by the Minister of Finance and National Economy, the Minister of Labor, and the Supreme Council of Wages.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor assists the Vice-Chancellor in performing the assigned duties and – in case of absenteeism or inability of the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy takes over the Vice-Chancellor’s position in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for performing the following tasks:

  1. Overseeing the Secretariat of Academic Affairs, coordinating academic programs and activities between faculties and other academic units, and may attend their Boards’ meetings.
  2. Chairing the following Boards and committees: College of Graduate Studies Board, Scientific Research and Cultural Relations Committee, Library Board, Examinations and Awards Committee, Information Technology Board, Technical Laboratory Board, Teaching Staff Affairs Committee, Environmental Fitness and Appearance Committee, Teaching Assistants Recruitment Committee, Development and Quality Board, Academic Staff Training Committee, Executive Committee for Admission and Registration.
  3. Overseeing the following departments, centers and units: Planning Department, Statistical System Department, Information Technology Center, Strategy Department, Planning and Follow-up Department, Systems and Program Development Department, Operation and Maintenance Department, Technical Support Unit, Information Security Unit, and Administrative Information Unit.
  4. Performing any other tasks stipulated by the rules and regulations or entrusted by the Vice-Chancellor.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Khalid Abdul Rahman al Sayed


Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Office Director

Nuha Ahmed Sati Ali

Phone: 00249155775060

Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Secretary