Pursuant to the provisions of Article 16 (Powers of the Vice-Chancellor) of Al-Neelain University Law of 1995 and Statute (2) (Higher Administration of the University) of 2018, the University Vice-Chancellor is the leading academic, financial and executive officer responsible for the general performance of the University who seeks to achieve its objectives and is obligated to do so in accordance with the applicable regulations and policies of the University Council. Prof. Alhadi Adam Mohammed Ibrahim. was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Al-Neelain University on October 3rd, 2019 by the Patron of the University His Excellency the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and in accordance with the conditions of civil service specified by the Minister of Finance and National Economy, the Minister of Labor, and the Supreme Council of Wages.


To become a pioneering and distinguished university in community building.


To contribute to community development and achieve its aspirations, build a knowledgeable society and prepare qualified and ambitious generations.


  • 1. Contributing to the development of the local community intellectually, scientifically and economically.
  • 2. Reinforcing the identity of the nation and consolidating it through curricula and academic programs.
  • 3. Providing a university environment that supports creativity and excellence.
  • 4. Developing academic, administrative and research capacities.
  • 5. Supporting the use of information technology in academic and administrative activities.
  • 6. Making the University an advisory body in its own fields.
  • 7. Encouraging scientific research and utilizing it for development purposes.

The University Vice-Chancellor shall have the following roles and duties:

  1. Rationalizing the scientific, educational, administrative and financial performance in the university, improving administrative methods, and inventing the means and methods that ensure the optimal use of its potentials in accordance with the policies set by the University Council.
  2. Keeping order and discipline in the University.
  3. Chairing the Senate, its sub-committees, faculty recruitment and promotion committees, and any other relevant committees according to the University Statute.
  4. Representing the University and speaking on its behalf before other bodies and authorities.
  5. Submitting a comprehensive annual report to the University Council on the University’s scientific, administrative, and financial performance, and publishing the report after being approved by the University Council.

In addition to the previous roles and duties, as the chief scientific and executive officer in charge of the University's performance, the Vice-chancellor shall perform the following tasks:

  1. Setting the strategic plan with a view of upgrading the University in the scientific, administrative and investment fields.
  2. Developing and advancing the University, and overseeing the implementation of development plans and scientific reform in this regard.
  3. Chairing the following councils and committees:
    • The Senate, the Council of Deans, the Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Board, Training and the Human Resources Development Board, Student Affairs Board, Hospitals Administrative Board, Al-Neelain University Training Center, and Deputy President of Planning Board.
    • Admission and Registration Committee, Academic and Research Ethics Committee, Faculty Members Promotion Committee, Faculty Recruitment Committee, Investment Committee of the University Council, and Deputy President of the Executive and Financial Committee.
    • Presiding over the Boards of Faculties, Institutes and Committees when attending their meetings.
Name Date
Prof. Ibrahim El Amin Hajer October 1993 – February 1997
Prof. Awad Haj Ali February 1997 – May 2005
Prof. Hassan Ali Al Saori May 2005 – February 2008
Prof. Awad Haj Ali February 2008 – June 2010
Prof. Ahmed Al Tayib Mohamed Ahmed June 2010 – February 2015
Prof. Mohamed El Amin Ahmed Ismail February 2015 – September 2016
Prof. Kamal Hashim Mohamed Osman September 2016 – October 2019
Prof. Mohamed Elamin Ahmed Mohamed October 2019 - March 2022.
Prof. Alhadi Adam Mohammed Ibrahim. March 2022 - Present.


Prof. Alhadi Adam Mohammed Ibrahim.


Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Office Director

Faisal Abdullah Ahmed

Phone: 00249155775060

Correspondence Secretary

Manar Rabea Gad Kreem