Department of Management Information Systems

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This program aims to the preparation of scientific graduates specialized in the field of management information systems, and the qualification of these graduates to serve the institutions of the national community, public and private, and also aims to develop the thinking and creative abilities of students in all areas of technology and information systems, and this is through the development of modern plans and curricula that keep pace with modern scientific development. The following additional objectives can be listed:

  • Supporting programs of research institutes, consulting centers, information centers and community service by providing lecturers for the courses held by these institutions.
  • To qualify and train the competent national competencies in the field of management information to be able to work in the field of management information systems and information centers in the various public and private sectors.
  • Preparation of national cadres capable of dealing with information technology and its various applications, especially in the fields of management information.
  • Building relationships with local and international institutions and associations to create training opportunities for students during the course of the study and to find employment opportunities in these institutions after completion of the study.
  • Linking education outcomes with labor market requirements.
  • Implementing specialized scientific and practical courses for students to boost their competencies in the fields of management information systems.
  • To support the theoretical aspect of the practical aspects of the courses.
  • The Department aims to teach students how to use ICT to create qualified cadres that can meet the end user's needs of management information.
  • Keeping abreast of developments in all areas related to management information systems.