Prof. Badr el Din Khalil Ahmed Khalil

 Badr el Din Khalil Ahmed Khalil

Prof. Badr el Din Khalil Ahmed Khalil

  • Scientific Degree : Professor
  • College: Faculty of Petroleum & Minerals - Department: Geology of Mineral Wealth
  • Date of Appointment: 1997-01-01
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  • Address: Khartoum


Ph.D. in Economic Geology, Moscow State University   (M.S.U), Russia ( U.S.S.R ) Nov.1971. 

B.Sc.(Hons.), in Geology, Department of Geology (D. of G), Faculty of Science (F.of.S) ,University of Khartoum (U. of K.), June 1966 (University Prize).

Academic Research

Lithogeochemical Methods in Mineral prospecting and Exploration in the Sudan (in Russian Language). For Ph.D.,1971.

Teaching Experience

Lecturer,  Nov. 1971, Department of Geology – Faculty of Science, University of Khartoum.

 Associate Professor, 1979, University of Khartoum.

Professor of Geology (Prima Fascia 1987), University of Khartoum.

 Professor of Geology, July 1997, Final Promotion, Al Neelain University (A.N.U).

Emeritus Professor, since March 2013 up to present, (A.N.U).

Research interests

General : Geology. Detailed (Narrow): Economic Geology (Prospecting ,Exploration and Mining Geology).

Selected Publications

BADR EL DIN KHALIL, (1996), Gold Mineralization in the Sudan and the Impact of its Mining on the Environment (Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Beijing China 4-14 Aug., 1996).

-  BADR EL DIN KHALIL, (1999),Geochemical Criteria to Prospect for Gold in the Sudan, Proceedings of the 11th International Geol. Conference of Africa, Cape Town.

- BADR ELDIN KHALIL AHMED & AZZA F.I. MOHARAM, (2008), Negative impacts on the Environment Due to Natural Go –Hazards and Man Made Activities-Sudan Case the 1st. International Conference on Natural Resources & Sustainable Development, Minofiya Univ. Sadat Branch, Egypt.

- BADR EL DIN KHALIL AHMED, (Jan. 2013) African is the Richest in Georesources  and the Goorest in Socio -economics abstract. Coll.of Africa Geology (CAGZY) ((40 years of GSAF (1973-2013) Earth sciences solutions to African development challenges )) Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia.

- BADR EL DIN KHALIL AHMED, (2011), Geology, Geo-resources and Mining Potentialities in Sudan .Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sofia.

Selected Conferences

Conference of Prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Deposits – Faculty of   Engineering, People's Friendship University.-Moscow (FE- PFUM), 1978.

- The 27th International Geological Congress (IGC), Moscow, 4-14 Aug., 1984.

- Conference in Groundwater Potentiality and Development Prospect in Sudan, 13 Jan. 2008. UNESCO Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair in (UCM-FU).Khartoum Sudan.

- The 12th Arab International Conference on Mineral Resources; organized by Ministry of Minerals and the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO), Friendship Conference Hall, Khartoum, 27th-29th Nov, 2012.

- International Scientific Session-University of Mining and Geology (St.Ivan Rilski) Sofia, Bulgaria 20th October 2015.