Strategic Plan Five Years 2020 - 2025

Faculty of Optometery and Visual Sciences

Our vision: seek to be pioneer and distinct faculty


The mission of the faculty is to prevent blindness and improve vision by educating optometrist, dispensing and ophthalmic technicians to the highest level of proficiency and preparing vision researchers to provide improved eye health care locally and international.


1.    Achievement of competency to select a faculty which providing quality educational experiences to the growth and development of students.

2.    Create good environment, which combines tradition and innovations, encourage intellectual inquiry, and support research.

3.    Serve the community by providing quality clinical vision care, educating the public about vision and eye health.

4.    Strengthen the relationship between collages, promote the behavior, lifelong learning to achieve health and social welfare of the community.

Goals 2020-2025

•    Prepare an environment that help excellence.
•    Advanced optometric and vision science methods of teaching.
•    Expand patient care centers and clinical training.
•    Recruitment of high quality applicant to international program for OD.



Goal (1): Prepare an environment that help excellence:
Objective (1):
Create attractive environment for knowledge and learning including recruitment and retention of faculty.
(a)    Improve the physical layout for teaching specially, rooms, labs and clinics.
(b)    Renovate library and research space.
(c)    Establish a long-term faculty recruitment plan that will fulfill future needs.
(d)    Maintenance and completing the buildings.

Objective (2):
Develop systems to allocate resources, such as departments, clinics and financial resources.
    Develop the acts, which govern all resources.

Objective (3):
Support the interaction between clinical care and clinical research.
Shared equipment grants, technical supports and fund rising.

Objective (4):
    Increase the number of distinguished professors.
    Encourage the clinical research and funding by establishing research centre and scientific journal.

Goal (2):  Advanced optometric and vision science methods of teaching:
Objective (1):
Evaluate the implementation of the curriculum (2007) and make recommendations for revisions.
(a)    Curriculum committee charge to organize curriculum review by surveying students and faculty, examining strengths and weaknesses.
(b)     The long-term planning committee will evaluate need for curriculum changes to met changing educational requirements.
Objective (2):
Accelerate advances in teaching of optometry.
Facilitate open interactions between all faculty students and graduates to foster the development of new ideas, such as small group discussions, outside lectures or seminar series that focus on optimizing the synergy between clinical care and clinical research.

Objective (3):
Technicians are in high demand, therefore the degree program should be developed.
Evaluate the current programs and accelerate new programs.

Goal (3):  Expand patient care centre and clinical training:
Objective (1):
Electronic health records fully in place by end 2014.
IT unit and training of staff and employee.

Objective (2):
Renovate the major clinical equipments continuously.
Sales committee creates an auxiliary line item for equipments replacement.

Goal (4): Recruitment of high quality applicant to international program for OD.
Develop new programs to improve the applicant’s equivalent to international programs.
Create the relationship between the faculty and other international university, which have OD program.