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8th Annual Postgraduate Conference

8th Annual Postgraduate Conference
Sudan - Khartoum Hall of Ministry of High Education  2017-01-14 - 2017-01-16

About Conference

8th Annual Postgraduate Conference

Al-Neelain University takes a keen interest in scientific research and considers it as one of the key objectives that it seeks to achieve. Attention is not limited only to the research of staff members  in different faculties of the University, but also includes research carried out by graduate students. The University through the Graduate College and in collaboration with the faculty staff members encourages students to conduct solid scientific research for the benefit of the local community. The University, therefore, has taken in the past years practical measures for the development of the policies relevant to the theses, and emphasizing on this trend, the University holds an annual conference, and makes every effort to provide academic and social environment supportive of creativity, excellence, and innovation in the field of scientific research, which remains a priority of the Graduate College of the University.

The 8the Annual Postgraduate Conference will be held under the slogan "Distinguished Scientific Research for Sustainable Development"

1. Deadline for papers submission: December 22, 2016.

2. Papers could be handed to the Graduate College office or via e-mail:

Conference Goals

  1. Introducing the scientific research conducted at the university.
  2. Enabling graduate students and training them on how to present scientific research in conferences.
  3. Acquaintance and communication among researchers.
  4. Studying Graduate and scientific research issues.
  5. Empowering graduate research to contribute to the comprehensive development and linking scientific research with community issues.
  6. Supporting close institutional linkages between the public and private sectors, on one hand, and higher education institutions on the other hand through consulting and applied scientific research.
  7. Attracting support and sponsorship for research and studies on national development.

Supscription Regulations

In preparing the manuscript, authors are required to adhere to the following:

1. For submitted manuscripts, a separate page , in English and Arabic, containing the title of the paper, author(s) names, affiliations, and the address for the corresponding author (name, qualification, degree, employer, and e-mail) must be provided.

2. Arabic & English abstract with no more than 400 words per each.

3. For English text, a 18pts Times New Roman font should be used. For Arabic text, a 18pts Simplified Arabic font should be used. Both should be as follows: title: centered text and bold; author: 16pts, centered text; keywords: 14pts, text: 14pts, subheadings, short and specific, bold.
4. Figures, maps and diagrams must be of good quality in black and white colors.

5. Tables must be of high quality and serially numbered accompanied by a brief title over the table and writing the source beneath it.

6. Manuscript should be between 3000 - 6000 words on A4 paper size using MS Word, single-spaced with wide margins on both sides, and alignment of both right and left lines.

7. Manuscripts are required to follow the Harvard style to cite references.

8. All pages should be numbered consecutively.

9. The manuscript's sequence has to be as follows: (title page, abstract, introduction, importance of the study, research objectives, methodology, findings and discussion, and references).

10. Arrangement of the other forms, such as: (tables, graphs, articles ... etc), has to be in a sequential and coherent manner as per researcher's way.

11. Any opinions, essays, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this journal are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the publishing institute.

12. Manuscripts are submitted through the website only.

13. To contact or inquire us, use the email address:


  • Equitable quality education (education, psychology, community development, sociology, information technology, telecommunications, sports science and any relevant discipline).
  • Good health and the hunger and poverty fight (medical science, sociology, economics, law, agriculture, information technology, telecommunications, sports science and any relevant discipline).
  • Equality, justice and peace (law, political science, sociology, community development, information technology, communications and mathematical sciences and any relevant discipline).
  • Climate change, ecology, wildlife, forests, desertification, modern energies, water (science, technology, agriculture, geography, engineering, information technology, telecommunications, sports science and any relevant discipline).
  • Boost the economy, the rationalization of consumption, the responsible production, sustainable infrastructure (economy, trade, engineering, political science, information technology, telecommunications, sports science and any responsible).
  • Strengthening research partnerships for sustainable development (overlapping disciplines).

Contact Info


Phone Number: 00249155770840


Prof. Awad Haj Ali Chairman
Prof. Tarig Abbas Al Bakhit Deputy Chairman
Prof. Hassan Ali Al Saori Member
Prof. Mohamed Ali Bashir Member
Prof. Ahmed Ali Ebrahim Hammo Member
Prof. Badr Eddin Khalil Ahmed Member
Prof. Mohamed Zaied Baraka Member
Prof. Al Samani Abdulmuttalib Member
Prof. Moahmmed Alamin Ahmed Member
Prof. Emad Fadlalmoula Member
Prof. Abdulkareem Sabir Member
Prof. Mustafa Abdu Member
Prof. Esmaeel Al Azhari Member
Prof. Al Rasheed Ismael Al Bili Member
Dr. Najwa Fadul Bashir Member