University Principal

The Principal.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article No. (18) (Principal) of Al-Neelain University Law of 1995 and the Statute No. (2) (Higher Administration of the University) of 2018, the University Principal is appointed by the Council’s President upon the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor and shall hold the office for a term of four years.

The Principal is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the administrative and financial performance of the University in accordance with the provisions of the statutes and regulations to retain the University Seal and a special record of all the University assets.

The Principal undertakes the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Coordinating administrative and financial affairs between faculties and different units and between central departments of the University.
  2. Distributing the approved financial quotas to the different faculties and units and supervising the methods of spending according to the approved budget for those colleges, faculties and units.
  3. Acting as a rapporteur to the University Council to the Executive and Financial Committee.
  4. Chairing the following committees: the Non-academic Staff Training Committee, Treatment Funding and Consolation Committee, Service Committee.
  5. Overseeing the HR Development Department, Financial Department, Engineering Department, Services Department, Land Unit, Information and Public Relations Department, University Security Guard, Central Tender Committee and any other committees stipulated in the University’s statutes and regulations.
  6. Performing any other tasks stipulated by the rules and regulations or entrusted by the Vice-Chancellor.


Dr. Abdalrahman Elbakry Mansour

Principal’s Secretary


Principal’s Assistant for Financial Affairs

Dr. Ali Mohamed Ali

Principal’s Assistant for Administrative Affairs

Dr. Mohamed AbdalazizAbdalla Bakheet