Professor Yassin Aktay, Advisor to the Turkish President for Foreign Affairs and member of the Turkish Parliament, who is also a Professor of Social Development, presented a lecture at Al-Neelain Univeristy
on Sunday, December 17, 2017 entitled "Prospects for Social Development, and the Turkish Experience in Development".

Aktay referred to the political and social changes that took place in Turkey during the period from the 1950s to the present time, in line with the advantages and the level of secularism and its effects on the Turkish people and the importance of the democratic system, indicating the corruption that prevailed in Turkey in the pre-period before the Justice and Development Party started ruling.

Professor Yassin Aktay attributed the success of the Justice and Development party in as a regime in Turkey to its approach on good governance and its emphasis on the people needs in terms of development and provision of services, health and education in addition to fighting corruption.
In the field of higher education, Aktay mentioned that there are now 185 universities in Turkey, and as for the field of health he said that the Turkish government attained its goals of providing all kinds of treatment services locally.

Aktay said that their principles as a political party is that politics should be oriented to serve the people.  

Speaking of Turkey's attempts to join the European Union and the European Union's rejection, he said: "The European Union rejects Turkey as an Islamic state and such a union has to be political and has nothing to do with religion". He added that the Justice and Development Party is not a religious movement but rather a political party committed to the principles of serving the people.

It is worth mentioning that Professor Yassin visited the University on Saturday, December 16, 2017 to discuss the joint cooperation between Al-Neelain University and the Turkish universities in different academic and scientific fields.

Professor Kamal Hashem, Vice-Chancellor of Al-Neelain University said that the success of the Justice and Development Party as a regime in Turkey was a result of persistence and determination and the path of righteousness and integrity, which made their experience in governance an example for other countries.
The lecture was attended by different sectors of Al-Neelain University  including deans of faculties, directors of departments, staff members and students of the University.

Al-Neelain University has always beeninterested in the unique experiences at all levels internally and globally for the purpose of benefiting from them in order to achieve the vision of higher education, scientific research, and the objectives of service and community development.